Closer Than Breathing – A Light Gay Odyssey eBook (FREE)



Ben, a young gay man, survives a series of challenging experiences with a series of odd, eccentric people, including drug dealers, goths, psychics, a veteran author and an aging rock band. Engaging the world with goodwill and good humour, he makes use of opportunities along the way to achieve success, ghost writing a rock star’s autobiography, and finding true love with a level headed and down to earth partner.

Whilst the straight world around them becomes ever more weird and out of control, the couple are determined to be true to themselves and each other. This, Alan Keslian’s, second novel, is a gay love story (his first was Goodmans Hotel). The fast pace is sustained throughout. Characters include a veteran author, Loyd Larcher, and a rock and roll star, Rick Schwagger. Whilst intended primarily to be of interest to gay men, the book does not depend for its appeal on graphic sexual description, and should be of interest to a broad readership.

eBook Overview:

Title: Closer Than Breathing – A Light Gay Odyssey
Author: Alan Keslian
Pages: 131
Format: PDF


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