Wallets & Purses

Flaunt a stylish wallet and purse with LGBT pride design imprinted on it!

Our artistic collection of rainbow themed wallets and purses has the perfect combination of durability and style. They make amazing birthday gifts for your queer friends, family members, or partner. Whether you prefer two folded or bi-folded wallets, we have something that can match your attire or outfit. Our wallets with flaps or pockets are perfect for storing your bills, credit cards, and identification cards. They can also accommodate important receipts, tickets, and business cards. Available materials include canvas, rubber, leather, and much more. Make a bold statement about who you are by ordering one of our trendy rainbow gay pride wallets online.

We at QUEERKS™ take pride in the quality of the wallets and coin purses that we sell to our clients, as well as the free worldwide shipping that comes with every order. If you enjoy saving money, then you’ll enjoy the affordable pricing of our LGBT pride wallet cases and rainbow colored purses. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you for shopping with us!

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