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Tips on Buying Lesbian Anniversary Gifts

It’s easy to find a gift for a man or woman if you are not looking to match the item with their preferences. Men have general needs and tastes and so do the opposite gender. But it’s often hard to pick out lesbian gifts, even if you do not put the occasion or the receivers personality into consideration.

Do you go with a manly present like that of a polo shirt? Or do you give her something feminine like jewelry? Would home items be safer like a cat statue or a new blender? Or would that just be awkward all around? If you are among those who are struggling to come up with decent lesbian anniversary gifts, here are some tips you might want to wrap your head around.

Don’t overthink it. They are just ordinary people. And like everyone else, what you give is hardly as important as the thought you provide. If you are struggling with what to pick out and you don’t know the lesbian couple as well as you do, your best bet as a present for a celebration would be something consumable like a bottle of Dom or a box of desserts.

Make it personal. This can carry out two meanings. First, you could consider what each of the couple’s lifestyles and preferences are and use that as a basis for the gift you buy. If they like water sports or taking exotic vacations, you could each buy them gears or a holiday getaway coupons. If they are avid movie goers, the best option would be to buy classic movies or frame autographed posters of their most favorite celebrity. Also, if they are into art, you could buy them sculptures and paintings for the special occasion you are celebrating.

As for the second interpretation of the advice, you could alternately make the gifts personal by having the couple’s names engraved or sewn into whatever you buying, whether it is a pair of expensive wine glasses or matching jackets. They probably won’t use it as much. But it would be a nice remembrance of their union and will appreciate you for it.

If you can’t make it personal, make it useful at least. Another great thing you can do when it comes to picking out lesbian gifts is to consider how something would make a difference in their lives. A back or head scratcher may not seem like the romantic present they would expect for their anniversary. But you can bet they will make good use of it for a long time to come. Now, when you choose substance, don’t forget to incorporate a little style to it so that the present doesn’t seem like a throw away. Whether it’s pillows or matching towel sets, a little design should make them look special enough as lesbian anniversary gifts.

Finally, if you can’t think of anything else, go with something expensive. It’s not easy to live one’s life as out of the norm as members of the third sex do, which is why a lesbian anniversary for them is a big deal. It is a testament that they too can achieve as successful a marriage as any man-woman union that religion accepts. If you do not have any idea how to properly commemorate such a milestone in your friend’s life, your best option would be to pick out something expensive which should reflect how much you value their presence in your life and their achievements. It doesn’t matter what it is – a set of antique silverware or Egyptian bedsheets – the luxuriousness will excuse whatever form your lesbian gift has.

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