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Modelling Boyfriends Zander And Troy’s Bare Bums Are Back

There’s no question about it, modelling boyfriends Zander Hodgson and Troy Pes are handsome and sexy. But you know what’s even sexier? Why, their bare bums, of course – which we get to see again, thanks to the magic of Instagram.

Zander Hodgson is a 28-year-old model and actor who is in an extremely hot relationship with fellow model Troy Pes. We often get to see their bubbly butts, and sometimes we see them taking a nude shower together. In fact, they often take nude showers together.

So guess what? The shower’s back. And while Troy has a silly towel on him for some reason, Zander’s got nothing, so it’s booty time:

Oh, and we love his new, shorter haircut. But back to bums:

Wait, there’s more:


Until next time…

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Getting thirsty after @troypes last post 😛

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Author: GayBuzzer Staff

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