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Here are 5 queer artists of colour you should know

With the 2010s coming to an end, queer artists have continued to change the game.

Exploring desire, satire and intimacy, it’s never been so easy to curate a soundscape that makes queer people of colour feel seen and celebrated all at the same time.

Beyond that, here are five artists to watch in 2020, and the tracks we can’t get enough of.

Amaarae – LIKE IT

When my friend sent me Amaarae’s single Spend Some Time in our shared group chat, my mates went wild. The Ghanian songwriter, sound engineer and singer brings together irresistible intimate vocals and the fluidity of alt. RnB and afrobeats. Always in a fresh fade, her music creates a safe space to let go of sexual inhibitions and hang-ups. It’s a sound with infinite possibilities perfect for comfort and pleasure. Masculine presenting, Amaarae shows us black gender nonconforming people subjects of desire in LIKE IT. She is serving sex on a platter in a way that makes my black queer heart sing.

CHIKA – Can’t Explain It

Voicing all of our grievances, Chika went viral last year when she last year when she called out Kanye West over the beat to Jesus Walks. Known for her seamless flow and sick social presence, her career has skyrocketed in 2019 releasing singles left, right and centre alongside an iconic feature as the face of Calvin Klein. The song Can’t Explain It transport us into the flirtatious black queer sitcom we all deserve. It’s a song that I want blaring out of my car, burning down the M4 on a road trip.

Raveena – Petal

If you could package soul invigorating softness into art, singer Raveena’s work would be it. In 2018, she released Temptation, a visual celebration of queer love among black and brown people. The song was inspired by coming to terms with her own sexuality and validating her queer desire. Growing up in an Indian family and conservative culture, she told i-D: “I want young brown people to feel totally open and free to be themselves and not have to worry about what their family back home or here in [America] thinks.” Her songs are perfect for sleepy Sundays with lovers, sweet and sensual but never pretentious. We have no choice but to stan.

Dua Saleh – Sugar Mama

Dua Saleh’s Sugar Mama is a song that turns my grown ass into a giggling school girl and I love it. Recorded on their phone, Saleh tells the story of a curious white neighbour approaching them with a “pussy melting like a glacier”. Based in Twin Cities Minneapolis, the non-binary poet and singer deals with the white gaze in this song that’s both subtle and powerful. They makes their love for black girls known, singing: “Not used to girls with stringy hair, I like them in a bonnet”. Let’s just say I heard that line and instantly wanted to know more. The song is taken from the newly released debut EP Nūr, creating an ethereal and captivating soundscape. If 2020 sounds anything like this, I’m here for it.

Dope Saint Jude – Grrrl Like

When Dope Said Jude raps, ‘But I don’t give a fuck, I’m the shit, and I know” in Grrrl Like, she brings her black queer community with her. Another artist from the continent, she is a former drag king turned hip hop sensation from Cape Town. Her sound brings together influences of both US and UK rap, fusing with South African rhythms. Releasing her first solo project Reimagine in 2016 and followed up with another EP named Resilience, her music reflects someone who is self-assured and full of integrity. Her music is something I play on the tube when I need to remind myself of my own greatness. Dope Said Jude is fundamentally unfuckwithable – an energy we could all use more of. 

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Author: Rosel Jackson

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