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The Hot Naked Spaniards Of Netflix’ “Elite” Are Back [NSFW]

With these crazy times that we’re in, it’s good to try and focus on the good stuff in the world. And what’s better than the hot, often naked, Spanish men of Netflix’ Elite, who are back for Season 3? To celebrate the return of Elite, our good friends from Naked-Celebs-Megasite Mr Man are helping us recap the hottest gay sex scenes and most jaw-dropping nudity from the first two seasons. We did have to censor some of the more… explicit moments – so as always, if you want to see,…

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James Van Der Beek Is Now A Sexy Daddy: See His Hottest Moments

Those of us who are old enough to have watched Dawson’s Creek in real time, remember James Van Der Beek as a cute blond twink. The bad news? At 43-years-old, he’s no longer a twink. The good news? He’s now a hot daddy… James (or JVDB) turns 43 today, and we want to know, does that make him a Daddy? Is the former teen heart-throb now a Daddy? Based on some of these photos that our friends from Mr Man sent over, he sure looks like it – and hey,…

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Netflix’ “Toy Boy” Is The Spanish “Magic Mike”- With More Nudity [NSFW]

By now, Netflix has a magnificent record of bringing us hot Spanish men, with their clothes off (Elite is probably the perfect example). And now, Netflix does it again, with the aptly named new series Toy Boy – so let’s take a closer look at some of its sexy naked men. Toy Boy picks up where Magic Mike left off by delivering sexy sun-soaked male strippers embroiled in personal drama. So, obviously, our friends from Mr Man were quick to collect some of these hot moments (and then we had to…

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Watch: The Most Explicit Hollywood Gay Scenes Of The Decade [NSFW]

We continue to look back at the stuff that was REALLY important this past decade… so after taking a look at some of the best male celebrity butts, we’re not looking at some of the best gay scenes that showed up on our screens these past 10 years. And yep, they’re pretty explicit… As movies and television continue to embrace LGBTQ representation, audiences are treated to increasingly prominent and compelling gay characters on screen. And, let’s face it – they’re usually hot. And they usually get naked. The past ten…

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Brandon Flynn Settles For Tight Undies On Laundry Day

We all know the story – you delay your laundry day too much, and then you have no clothes to wear. The solution, according to 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn? Stay in your tight undies. Brandon Flynn in “13 reasons why” [Photo: Netflix] 26-year-old Brandon Flynn, who publicly came out in 2017, played Justin Foley on Netflix’ drama. He was also Sam Smith’s boyfriend last year, and was living together with British star Richard Madden for a while. But anyway, we’re here to talk about his laundry. In a…

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The Hottest 90s Hunks Who Stripped Naked On Our Screens [NSFW]

While the 80s are mostly remembered for the weird clothes, music and VHS tapes, the 90s can be remembered for the abundance of male hunks in Hollywood. And even better – they were finally getting naked on our screens… So we’re taking a look back at those naked hunks of the 1990s, from Matt Damon to Keanu Reeves, Ryan Phillippe, and… plenty of others. The 90s are back in a big way with fashion, television show revivals and a greater appreciation for the sexiest hunks in the 90s. Who better…

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7 Times The Hot Men Of “Riverdale” Stripped To Show Their Amazing Bodies

Ah, the joys of Riverdale and its merry half-naked men: The CW series, based on Archie Comics, is proving to be one of the hottest shows (at least hot-men-wise) on TV. And with Season 4 here to please us – we thought we would take a moment to appreciate some of Riverdale’s more… skin-rich moments. Also See: 6 Super-Sized Hollywood Hunks Who Stripped On Our Screens While we tend to write a lot about Super Kiwi Hottie KJ Apa, our friends over at Mr.Man made a playlist of ALL the hot…

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Chace Crawford Reacts To THAT Bulge Photo: “I Got A Lot Of Weird DMs”

Back in August, we told you about the calendar dedicated to Amazon’s The Boys series, and how it featured a photo of Chace Crawford with a very prominent, very big… bulge. Now, Chace finally reacts to that infamous photo, and how he constantly gets approached by… men. 34-year-old Texan actor Chace Crawford, who you might have seen on Gossip Girl or The Covenant, plays superhero The Deep, a sexy parody of Aquaman, on Amazon’s The Boys series. And as we’ve seen during, ehm, March – Chace is not only a superhero, he’s also got a…

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The Naked Spanish Hotties Of “Elite” Are Back For Season 2 [NSFW]

Good news – Elite is back for Season Two on Netflix, and with it – the hot, Spanish men who keep taking their clothes off… while having gay sex… so if you’re not going to watch the whole season – we can at least help you with the steamy bits. Also See: The Hottest Gay Sex Scenes On Netflix As always, helping us dig out the naughty parts are our friends from Mr Man, which is sort of like Netflix, if Netflix only had clips of hot naked Hollywood men. (And…

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Watch: Jake Weary’s Hottest Gay Sex Moments From “Animal Kingdom” [NSFW]

There’s no question about it – we love twinks. But sometimes you want someone with a bit more heft (but is still hot and sexy) – and 29-year-old American actor Jake Weary fits the bill perfectly. Luckily for us, Jake also has quite a history of getting naked on our TV screen, for gay sex, of course – so our friends from Mr Man were kind enough to collect some of those hot moments. All of Jake Weary’s EIGHT naughty nude gay scenes occurred on one single series – TNT’s…

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