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A range of new LGBTQ+ emojis will be available in 2021

Over 200 new emojis will be coming to your smartphone in the next year, including a diverse collection of skin tones and LGBTQ+ icons. Unicode’s latest announcement has unveiled 217 brand new emoji sequences for your mobile device. Of these new additions, 210 are much needed skin tone variants which will give icons a little more diversity. These new range of diverse skin colours are most notably for multi-person icons which will include couples featuring hearts or kissing. This update will include same-sex couples in its feature. The new 13.1…

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Trans influencers savagely beaten by homophobes as onlookers did nothing

Three trans influencers were brutally attacked last night in Los Angeles. Eden the Doll, Jaslene White Rose and Joslyn Flawless were beaten, robbed and mocked by a group of men in Hollywood Boulevard, while onlookers – including the police – did nothing to intervene. One of the men recorded the entire altercation and posted it to social media. Following the incident, Eden tracked down his Instagram handle and reposted it to her story, telling followers that her phone was stolen by one of the gang as they waited for an…

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