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LGBTQ RomCom “Reveals” the Complexities of Family When Coming Out

Coming out has never been easy, but when your family is already eccentric, it can make what can be an anxiety-filled moment that much more stressful. From the mind of first time writer and producer Jeff Willy, Reveal, an LGBTQ RomCom about a man coming out to his conservative family during a baby gender reveal, let’s viewers know that when it comes to the quirkiness and stress that can come along with making major announcements during family events, they are not alone. Starring Jeff Willy as the main character “Andrew”…

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LGBTQ Social Media Influencers: All In This Together

Entitled “Together” the release is a compilation of videos from frontline healthcare workers taken during our current crisis and at-home quarantine selfies from fans and friends of artist Lucy & La Mer. The songwriter shares, “I wanted to create something that would help us uplift and encourage each other. There’s a tremendous amount of good happening in the world right now. In the midst of the intense losses and surreal new normal, I think continuing to share our stories will alleviate the loneliness that many individuals are feeling at home.…

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‘LGBT-FREE ZONE’ Set To Be Distributed To Businesses In Poland

A Polish news magazine has announced plans to distribute stickers proclaiming an “LGBT-free zone” to its readers, reports CNN. The far-right weekly publication Gazeta Polska said it intends to include the stickers, which feature an image of a black cross over a Pride flag alongside the inflammatory slogan, in its next issue. The stickers have sparked international outrage and was criticized by the US Ambassador to Poland. “I am disappointed and concerned that some groups use stickers to promote hatred and intolerance,” Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher said on Twitter Thursday. “We…

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