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LGBTQ+ stories from around the world to challenge how we perceive queer livelihoods

It’s been just over a year since GAY TIMES launched Amplifund. The charity partnership was founded with LGBTQ+ rights charity, GiveOut, with the core aim to support and fund activist and media-based LGBTQ+ organisations in more challenging global environments. This year, our campaign was inspired by feedback from our partners on how communications from charitable campaigns from the global north can so often be patronising or inaccurate.  The stories we are sharing over the next two weeks centre around three phrases, ‘it can happen,’ ‘it does happen,’ and ‘it will…

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LGBTQ activists around the world are defending our community – but they are woefully underfunded

Often against the odds, LGBTQI activists around the world are defending our community and campaigning for equality, but they are woefully underfunded. Much less than 0.01 percent of international development aid focuses on LGBTQI human rights.  In fact, funding for LGBTQI rights in the Global South and East has decreased, all while the religious right pumps resources into protecting “traditional values”. This is why we launched GiveOut early last year, for our community here in the UK and elsewhere to help provide the resources that the global LGBTQI movement needs…

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